About us

Our mission is to shape societies and communities by enabling them to elevate their game. We do this by bringing stakeholders together and engage them through the use of data to help drive cohesion, collaboration, teamwork, and shared learning. Our end goal is to help build engagement and ownership for the purposes of community problem-solving.

Bryce Jones


Bryce has spent the past 10 years of his career maneuvering between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. He has managed Toyota's two largest market research studies. He has served as the evaluator for over 30 coalitions, across the country, focused on improving youth outcomes. He has helped medical practices use data to retain talented physicans and benchmark their costs and productivity. He has helped communities use shared measurement to identify and realize their shared vision and goals.

Jill Pollin Madone


Our Services


our evaluation practice helps clients implement and use evaluation techniques to improve program quality, demonstrate contribution to improved outcomes, and drive evidence-based policy making

Data Analysis

we help our clients obtain valid insight and maximum value from their data so they can swiftly answer key questions and inform important decisions

Data Collection

we specialize in developing custom data collection tools from surveys to web apps so our clients can fill data gaps

Shared Measurement

our proprietary 10-step approach to shared measurement helps our clients learn how to use data to drive cohesion and collaboration so they can realize their shared vision and goals

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